SONOFF Basic R3 Wi-Fi Smart Switch

SONOFF Basic R3 Wi-Fi Smart Switch

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The SONOFF Smart Switch enables users to control any device connected to it via the eWeLink app directly from your mobile device. Tell it to turn on/off devices with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has a built-in web-server that exposes the REST API which allows you to connect the switch with your existing home automation system.

Simply set a timer to let your devices switch on/off automatically at a pre-set time through the day. For example, prepare your coffee maker in the evening, and a cup of coffee is ready for you in the next morning. Compatible with the IFTTT function and you can make more actions happen to trigger other devices or receive a notification on your phone once the action was triggered.

Along with support for smart scenes, just set a device to turn on/off to make any number of connected devices turn on/off. The LAN control is designed for situations where no Wi-Fi connection is available or in an unsteady Wi-Fi network environment. The share control is a convenient option that allows you to manage the same device with your family or friends by simply sharing it on the eWeLink app.

Manage devices from your phone, anywhere and anytime
Support Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant to turn on/off devices
Make one device trigger on/off another one or groups of devices
Control SONOFF devices with the utilization of IFTTT supported app and services
The DIY Mode allows you to use the REST API to connect SONOFF BASICR3 with your existing home automation system
Turn on/off the device when no Wi-Fi access in LAN Mode
Share devices with your family to control together
Show the real-time status on the eWeLink app for devices
Can connect an old phone to make it monitor and control devices

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