LED Grow Light LED Plant Grow System

LED Grow Light LED Plant Grow System

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A full-cycle grow light will provide your plants with the blue and red spectrum wavelengths that are needed for optimal growth. Blue light mimics the long day, summer sun and encourages vegetative leaf growth. Red light takes the place of the short day, autumn sun. When combined with blue light, a hormone cascade is created and the red wavelengths begin to encourage flowering.

Features & Benefits

Air circulation design - convection cooling

Latest power supply with a low-frequency pulse - increases plant growth by up to 15%

Self-testing function - alerts you as soon as a light module is faulty

Modular construction - no tools required for maintenance

Convenient inter-connection cable system - allows daisy-chaining of lights

Voltage 100-240Vac
Output power 140 Watts
Lumen output 1,592lm
Waterproof No
Blue 450 - 470nm
Red 650 - 660nm
Dimensions 280 x 280 x 70mm

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