Ultra Violet (UV-A) LED Striplight 12Vdc - 5050 Ultra Bright (5M Roll)

Ultra Violet (UV-A) LED Striplight 12Vdc - 5050 Ultra Bright (5M Roll)

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Please note that this price is for an entire 5M Roll!

LED Strip Lights have many and varied applications. From Undercounter Lighting to Bar Lighting to Stair Case Lighting. The Ultra Violet (UV-A) strips can also be used to accentuate features or art, decorate vehicles & PC boxes, special-effects for parties and much more, but are NOT germicidal applications.

Their flexibility and 3M backing make them very useful and very easy to install.

You will require a 12Vdc LED Power Supply to run the UV-A LED Strip Light. The UV-A strips can be dimmed with standard strip light dimmers.

Please note that LED Striplights generate a significant amount of heat and it is required to use a metallic surface such as the extrusions to ensure the longevity of the strip lights and for warranty purposes.

Please note there is no warranty on cut strips. 

Voltage 12Vdc
Length 5m
Power 14.4 Watts per Meter
LED Type SMD 5050, 60 pieces per Meter
Cutting Unit 5 cm
Dimensions 10mm x 3mm
Emitting Colour Purple (395-405nm wavelength UV-A)
Waterproof IP65 Optional
View angle 120 - 140 degrees
Max allowable single length 5m

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